Sam + Chris

Bride laughs, showing glowing wedding makeup and bohemian half up half down hairstyle.





Welcome to the first chapter in my ‘Real Weddings’ blog series and to the very special wedding day of Sam & Chris. This lush couple were married at Ashton Memorial on 24th March 2019, a day which will no doubt be one of my favourites for many years to come. When considering starting this series, Sam was one of the first brides who popped into my mind and I was thrilled that she was happy to join in.

I was recommend to Sam by their photographer Sarah Longworth, who I’d had the pleasure of working alongside before and many times since. From the moment Sam got in touch, I knew that I wanted to be a part of her day and that we were going to get along perfectly.

When discussing booking in her hair and makeup trial, Sam mentioned that they were planning a pre-wedding shoot in an amazing location. So, we decided it would be awesome to hold her trial on the same day as the shoot. That way, Sam could make the most out of having her and hair and makeup done (and bonus – I got some pretty great shots of my work too)! It was also a lovely opportunity to meet Chris, as I don’t often get the chance to meet the groom – the entire morning was a complete barrel of laughs.

Since their wedding day, Sam and I have regularly kept in touch, she’s left amazing feedback (which you can read in my Real Brides Gallery) and continues to support me and my little business. I hope you enjoy reading her answers from our interview as much as I did.


“I would describe our wedding style as whimsical and modern. We wanted the vibe to be relaxed and fun for our guests. We did not have one strong overarching theme throughout; my dress was whimsical and romantic with hair and makeup to match, the bridesmaids dresses were maroon, mink and pink, we entered in a black and maroon carriage (from the set of Peaky Blinders) drawn by two stunning Friesian horses. The cake was a bit boho, the venue was a white ballroom with a vintage lift and a golden chandelier.”


“For a makeup artist, I wanted someone who used top of the line products and was willing to listen to my vision, use their artistic talent and make a complete hair and makeup look to match. I was looking for someone that had a bit of a modern spunky edge. When Leigh pulled out her Charlotte Tilbury foundation and Kylie Lip kit I knew I was in safe hands. I also wanted someone that was honest and upfront about cost and quick to respond. Leigh was all of these things!”


“My photographer Sara Longworth reccomended Leigh as she had worked with her in the past. I checked out Leigh’s portfolio on her website and was really floored. Leigh’s makeup looked natural yet unique and her hairstyles equally intriguing. I reached out to Leigh via email and she got back to me that same day! “


“Leigh was extremely easy to speak to about pricing and style and was willing to accommodate travel. Leigh was also very flexible and accommodating with everything from the location of the wedding, to the number of people she would be styling. I did not feel any pressure either, Leigh was amazing from the start and took everything in stride.


“I loved that my wedding hair and makeup stayed on all night, looked fabulous in photos and matched the rest of my body perfectly as I was wearing a strapless dress!

Leigh really showcased her talent on our wedding day and made everyone of all ages look and feel beautiful. She did hair and makeup for myself, my bridesmaid and my mum and grandma. We all looked and felt beautiful and pampered after Leigh’s hair and makeup.”


“Do what makes you happy, if you like something but it doesn’t go with your theme… go with it anyway. Also, surround yourself with suppliers that have a similar vision and outlook to yourself. This will help keep your stress levels in check. There are suppliers for everyone’s style and budget, stay true to yourself and don’t feel like you need to act like someone else to impress.

If possible, have a hair and makeup trial before the big day. It will make you so much more confident on the morning of!”


“I am so glad I had a wedding hair and makeup trial! It let Leigh and I get to know each other, and it also let me experiment a little with ideas I had for the wedding. For the trial we went with an edgier hair and makeup look and captured the look for our engagement shoot in the Lake District. 

Leigh was able to advise me on different options I had for hair and makeup on the day and we experimented with eye and lip colours and hair shape and texture. She also gave me some very useful tips on eyelash extensions, clip in hair extensions and how to make my makeup last all day and keep my lipstick fresh for the pictures. I am sure she will share her wisdom with you as well!

I left the session feeling pampered, relaxed and overwhelmingly confident and happy that I had Leigh for my big day.
On the morning of the wedding, because of the trial it felt like Leigh was an old friend and it wasn’t our first rodeo!”

Venue: Ashton Memorial | Photographer: Sarah Longworth Photography | Dress: Foxglove Brides | Florist: Sass Flowers

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first Real Weddings blog post with the amazing Samantha. Let me know what you think in the comments section below! What have we learnt: Obviously to book with MUBYLEIGH – Hair & Makeup Artist (haha); to stay true to yourself; AND if you’re having a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer, we should 100% arrange your trial on the same day. You’ll be beaming with confidence, with your hair and makeup looking all beautiful, and ready to get in front of the camera!

Until next time, Leigh x

MUBYLEIGH – Hair & Makeup Artist specialises in bridal beauty and beautifies brides and their bridal parties across Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. If you’re planning your own weddinglet’s chat – I would love to be a part of your special day!


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Wearing lashes on your wedding day

MUBYLEIGH - Hair & Makeup Artist applies individual eyelashes to North East, Newcastle bride.



One of the most common questions my brides ask is whether they should be wearing eyelashes on their wedding day? Many are open to suggestions, some are downright terrified, and few are already pro-lash before discussing options during their trial.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen complete disasters when it comes to false lashes. Whether you’ve worn them yourself and found them unbearably irritable, or you’ve walked past the girl on a night out with spiders literally hanging off her eyes. It’s no surprise that many brides are wary of how lashes will look, feel and last throughout their wedding day. But here’s why no bride should rule them out.


Second only to finding your perfect dress, possibly the most important part of achieving your dream wedding day look is nailing your hair and makeup. When it comes to applying makeup, bridal makeup is a whole different ball game. Not only do you want to look and feel your best, your makeup needs to survive a full day, excel in all kinds of lighting, and look amazing through a camera lens.

Aside from flawless skin, the beauty priority of most brides is their eye makeup. They want their eyes to pop, they want them to stand out. Without a doubt, applying eyelashes will quickly and dramatically enhance your eyes. They add length and thickness to even the sparsest of lashes, without the hassle of overusing lash curlers, layering mascara and inevitably having to separate spider legs.

With the added definition, your makeup will for sure stand out on your photographs and you will look and feel amazing. Whether you decide to go all out with a beautiful, bold lash, or keep it subtle with a natural, ‘no one would ever know’ lash, adding them to your look will undoubtedly be the perfect finishing touch. So how do you choose the right lash for you?


When it comes to wearing lashes on your wedding day, there are generally three options:


So, these lashes you’ve definitely seen before. These are the ones prearranged on a (usually plastic) band and they come in all different lengths and styles. Often we’ll see advertisements or shop aisles full of huge, fluffy, pretty scary strip lashes, and this can certainly be what puts brides off wearing them full stop! But never fear, super natural strip lashes are readily available too.

Strip lashes are generally super easy to apply, meaning they quickly add that finishing touch to your eye makeup. As the strips are applied across the lash line, generally from corner to corner, they can certainly be known to lift at the ends. But, when using the right glue and with precise application, I can guarantee they will stay in place. 

Nevertheless, if you’re not used to wearing lashes in the first place, they would not be my first recommendation. They can definitely feel uncomfortable and can cause irritation. After years of wearing strip lashes myself, they are no longer my personal choice. Which brings me to the next option…


My go to lash for both myself and my brides! Individual eyelashes are actually clusters of around 2-5 lashes and are applied, yes you guessed it, individually. This means that, as no strip is being placed across the length of your lash line, these eyelashes are much more comfortable to wear. I can guarantee that, when wearing these lashes, you will hardly feel that they are there and no one will ever guess they are either.

Individual lashes are buildable, meaning we can create the desired look without having to search for the perfect strip lash. Whether you’d prefer a natural, barely there look or long and fluffy lashes on your wedding day, these beauties will do the job. The only downside in my opinion – these lashes do take longer to apply, meaning more of my (steady hand, high concentration) time. I MUST love them!


The most long-lasting option of the three, eyelash extensions are applied to your own individual lashes using semi-permanent glue and generally last between 2-3 weeks before an infill is required. As these lashes are applied prior to your wedding day, your makeup artist will save a lot of time on the morning of your wedding having no need to apply strips or individual lashes!

Extensions are a fantastic option for your wedding day, especially if you’re heading on your honeymoon soon after. You can continue to make the most of your lashes while lounging around the pool and will feel like an absolute babe despite being makeup free.


So, it’s clear that I’m a fan of lash application and I sure hope that reading this post has helped them to seem slightly less scary! My advice is absolutely to be brave and try them out at your trial. Discuss options with your makeup artist (if that’s me, yay!) and they’ll help you choose the style that’s perfect for you. Try them, wear them in, get used to them. Keep checking yourself out in the mirror – I promise you’ll love it.

If you decide against them afterwards, then that’s fine! But, trust me, I haven’t had a bride to date who’s said no…

Click here for the full transformation on the beautiful Sophie.

I’m a professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, based in Stanley, Durham. I beautify Brides and their tribes across Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. Planning your own wedding and looking for your bridal hair and makeup artist? Let’s chat!


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Preparing for your trial

Durham, Tyne & Wear, and Northumberland based MUBYLEIGH - Hair & Makeup Artist applies mascara to blonde bride at her bridal trial before wedding.



Arranging your hair and makeup trial may be one of the last things you think about when planning your special day. It can also be one of the most nerve wracking. But rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. I have created this guide to help you feel as prepared as possible for your trial and to ensure that we can make the most out of your experience. As your big day inches closer, your hair & makeup trial will allow us to get to know one another better and provide you with an exciting glimpse of how amazing you will look on the big day! 


  1. Choose your dress – So many Brides will tell you that the wedding dress they chose was nothing like the dress they thought they would wear down the aisle. So, find the one before deciding on your hair and makeup. Once you have your dress, we can create a look that compliments your overall bridal vibe. If you’re planning to wear a veil or hairpiece on your wedding day, or maybe you have statement jewellery in mind, consider also purchasing these items in time for your trial.
  2. Start looking for your ideas – Remember, Pinterest is amazing but it can also be full of unrealistic and heavily edited images! Look for inspiration to incorporate into your wedding day look – know what you want, as well as what you definitely don’t want!
  3. Focus on skin care – One of the best things you can do in the run up to your wedding is to up your skin care game. Commit to drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Consider chatting with a skin care specialist to create a tailored regime. Moisturise!
  4. Time to book – Around 6 months before your wedding day, let’s catch up and discuss arranging your trial. If you have a specific date in mind (maybe your hen do, or a friend’s wedding), and would like to make the most of having your hair and makeup done, get in touch as soon as possible to check availability.


  • All bridal hair & makeup trials are held at my home studio20 Ousterley Terrace, Stanley, Durham, DH9 6EU
  • I recommend holding your hair and/or makeup trial around 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. Please be aware that weekends are prioritised for weddings – weekday, daytime trials are preferable (see yourself in the daylight, as you will on your wedding day).
  • The trial price stated on your invoice will be payable on the day of your trial.


prepare YOUR HAIR
  • Please wash your hair the night before or, if necessary, on the morning of your trial. Do not arrive with dirty or wet hair!
  • Arrive with dry hair, but avoid using heated tools/straighteners and product before your trial.
  • If you have a ton of ideas, I would recommend narrowing them down to your TWO favourite styles. Otherwise, you will become overwhelmed and your hair will not thank you for the excessive heat and styling!
  • If you’ve chosen a veil/hair accessories/your jewellery, please bring them along with you so that we can try them out. This will really help you to see your overall wedding day bridal look!
prepare for MAKEUP
  • Please arrive wearing no makeup – especially no mascara! If possible, follow your usual skincare beforehand.
  • As well as inspiration photos, please bring along photos of how you would normally wear your own makeup, including on a night out. This will help me to get a better understanding of the style/amount of makeup you’re used to.
Trial tOP TIPS
  • Avoid wearing black/dark colours to your trial. Instead, wear a white top or similar to mimic the colour of your wedding dress.
  • Even better if you can wear a top with a similar neckline to your dress. Avoid turtle/high neck tops.
  • Come with ideas, as well as an open mindBe ready to answer lots of questions and tell me all about your big day!
  • Please allow up to 2 hours for hair/makeup only trials and 3 hours for both.
  • You are welcome to bring ONE family member/friend. Make sure it’s someone who’s opinions and ideas you admire – positive vibes only!
North East based MUBYLEIGH - Hair & Makeup Artist blends eyeshadow during bridal hair and makeuptrial.

I’m a professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, based in Stanley, Durham. I beautify Brides and their tribes across Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland . My job often requires me to travel further afield and I’m more than happy to do so. Planning a wedding? Let’s chat!


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Formby Beach

by Leigh Meakin


Ultimate beach wedding vibes for the elegant, care-free bride.

Ultimate beach wedding vibes for the elegant, care-free bride.

Hello lovely people. I’m so happy you’re here to read my second blog post, albeit a lot later than I expected it to be!

After a successful start to MUBYLEIGH – Hair & Makeup Artist in 2017, I decided to leave my full time job in March 2018 and take the leap into full time self-employment (scary!). Throughout the year, I have continued to add to my repertoire whilst personally developing my brand and building a strong client base. I have had the pleasure of prepping many beautiful brides and teaming up with some exceptional suppliers. I have also had my work featured on a number of wedding blogs and magazines.

2018 was a great year and I feel extremely grateful, especially for the support that I have received. But, running a business is never without its challenges. As a small business owner you not only take on the responsibilities of your official job title, you become the customer service team, website builder, social media ‘expert’ and accountant… to name but a few. As a result, keeping up to a blog becomes a much more difficult task than originally imagined!

In any case, after receiving wonderful feedback from ‘Woodland Bride’ and because I never say no to a challenge, I am determined to get this baby up and running and provide some epic inspiration to brides and grooms to-be!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this utterly dreamy beach wedding shoot at Formby Beach, Merseyside.


Sarah and I have now worked together on many occasions. I was thrilled when she asked me to join her on this gorgeous beach wedding shoot! Steering away from the traditional bridal feel, Sarah wanted to create a more editorial style fashion shoot. We both love to appeal to the more edgy, bohemian brides. Sarah’s background is in film photography and traditional darkroom practice. As a result, she provides expertise in a number of different mediums and adds a real narrative to the images she produces. 

Here’s what Sarah had to say:

“I was so happy to work with Leigh on this shoot. I felt really confident that she understood the look we wanted to go for and I was happy to trust her creativity completely. The final look she prepared for us was perfect and I’m so happy with the results!” 

I thoroughly enjoy working with Sarah and absolutely love her thoughtful, relaxed nature and effortless style of photography.  If you’re looking for comfortable, stress-free wedding photography with exceptional results, I really can’t recommend Sarah enough.

Splitting her time between the UK and Vienna, she offers a range of packages for brides and grooms to-be throughout Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria as well as further afield. Sarah and I already share a number of 2019 brides, so why not add yourself to the growing list!

Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.


I absolutely love the photos taken of Emma and I throughout the ‘getting ready’ process. It’s so satisfying to see how the look develops as each application step is taken. As you look through the photos, you see the makeup really begin to enhance Emma’s natural beauty.

For me, before and after photos are so important (although I don’t always remember to take them)! They provide a clear representation of a Makeup Artist’s skill, showcasing exactly what can be achieved to potential brides. They also show just how much of a difference the makeup application has made, even when creating a ‘natural’ makeup look.

The preparation part of a bride’s big day is such a special time, one that I do believe should be documented. Emotions are high and everyone is excited. It can often be difficult to take a step back in the moment and really take everything in as it happens. It’s a great opportunity to be able to look back at your photographs and relive your day from start to finish.

TOP TIP: When you have your bridal trial, ask your Makeup Artist to take a before and after photo. By looking between the two photos, you’ll be able to see just how much of a difference the makeup application has made. You will also be able to see whether you’d like to further enhance any specific features.


Base: MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ | NYX Cosmetics Photo Primer & Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette | Charlotte Tilbury Magic FoundationThe Retoucher ConcealerAirbrush Flawless Finish Powder | Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Setting Mist
Eyes: Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette in ‘Tempera’, ‘Buon Fresco’ and ‘Vermeer’ | Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner in ‘Infinity’ | Maybelline ‘Go Extreme’ Waterproof Mascara
Brows: NYX Cosmetics Control Freak Brow Gel | Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in ‘Thunder’
Define: Sleek Cosmetics Face Form Contouring Palette | Morphe Blush Palette | Anastasia Beverley Hills Sweets Glow Kit in ‘Marshmallow’
Lips: MAC Lip Liner in ‘In Anticipation’ | Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in ‘Blushing Mauve’


I was so excited to have a play with Emma’s bob and show that you don’t need length to create a beautiful, bridal hairstyle! An absolute bridal party favourite in 2018, we went with a half up, half down hairdo.

This is a perfect hairstyle for any beach bride, as it’s relaxed, textured and will flow naturally throughout the day and into the evening.
As always, I started by adding a generous amount of texturising spray at the roots to create volume. Adding a pulled apart braid at the crown then created additional height and texture. From the front, I draped Emma’s fringe away from her face. I again added texture by twisting back small sections of the hair, pulling at the twists as they grew and eventually joining with the braid. Small sections of the hair were left down at the front to nicely frame her face. From putting a slight wave through the ends of Emma’s hair, the finished style looked tousled and effortless.

ProductsSchwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Salt Spray | V05 High Volume Hairspray
StylingGHD V Coral Pink Styler

Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.

At the age of 22, Emma was scouted at Y-Not Festival. Subsequently, she signed with Manchester agency Nemesis Models two years ago. Since then, she has been scouted by a number of London agencies with whom she is planning to meet. She continues to build an impressive and diverse portfolio. With experience in fashion shows, editorial magazines, lifestyle and e-commerce, Emma is already a well-rounded model and really knows how to work the camera.

“I was so happy when people started to see my potential and time has flown since!”

Emma has a degree in Psychology and is currently studying a masters in Forensic Psychology. She is not only an extremely talented model but also a very intelligent young woman. She has a passion for learning about the human brain and the way our minds work but, admittedly, modelling has been her true dream since childhood.

“It‘s super fun meeting so many creative, lovely people and it’s especially exciting when you see images that the whole team are happy with, knowing that you played a part in the outcome and helping people to express their art through images.
I loved working with Leigh because she is so sweet and kind! It would be a pleasure to work with MUBYLEIGH again soon.”

Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.

Our stunning bouquet was created by Altrincham based wedding and event florist Sasha, of Sass Flowers. Sasha took inspiration from the sand dunes and created a bouquet full of dried florals and neutral accents. The key flowers used were blousy, fresh roses and dahlias, mixed with an array of dried grasses. To add an autumnal feel, Sasha finished off the arrangement with trailing peppercorn berry.

“With a focus on wedding flowers, SASSFLOWER create floral designs bursting with colour harmonies and decadent textures for couples who want something a little less ‘off the shelf’ for their own beach wedding.”

Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.

Location: Formby Beach
Photographer: Sarah Longworth Photography
Hair & Makeup: MUBYLEIGH – Hair & Makeup Artist
Model: Emma Woodhouse

Thank you for reading ‘Beach Bride’.

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Until next time. Leigh x

Bridal hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based professional Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist and Hair Extension Technician MUBYLEIGH.

I’m a North Durham based professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, prepping Brides and their parties across the North East and Yorkshire. I love that my job often requires me to travel further afield. Planning a wedding? Let’s chat!

Woodland Bride

Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist mubyleigh.



Woodland wedding scenes for the wild, bohemian bride.

Woodland wedding scenes for the wild, bohemian bride.

I have pondered over creating a blog for some time now – the main purpose being to provide ideas, advice and inspiration to the many soon-to-be Brides and Grooms out there. The second purpose being that I have had the honour of working with some insanely talented photographers which allows me to showcase my work via epic, professional images and they just NEED to be thrown out into the ether for all to view and enjoy.

So, speaking of epic images, I can’t think of a better way to start off my blog than with a photo-filled post documenting an amazing styled shoot I had the pleasure of taking part in at the beginning of August.

Our bohemian bridal shoot was held at Newmillerdam Country Park in the West Yorkshire town of Wakefield, and is the perfect inspiration for your own woodland wedding. The brains behind it was none other than the wonderful Elle of Elle Flowers. Our team was 100% women led (scroll down for list of suppliers involved) and was jam-packed with girl power throughout.


The shoot was photographed by the incredibly talented Hannah of Anna Beth Photography. Hannah specialises in natural and elegant wedding photography. She travels UK and worldwide to photograph beautiful weddings and elopements. 

“I love shooting outdoors, especially in the woods where you can really play with the light and shadows to create beautiful images.”

Now, to say this lady made my photo-needing, portfolio-building dreams come true is an understatement. I can’t recommend her enough: for your wedding, for your engagement shoot, for your portfolio, for your styled shoot. She is an absolute pleasure to be around, has exceptional vision and her work is amazing.

You can actually see more from this woodland wedding shoot over on Hannah’s site. Seriously, check her out.

Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist mubyleigh.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.


When I heard Elle’s original vision was of a fashion forward, ‘Vogue Bridal’ woodland shoot, I knew I had to be involved. Wanting to create something a little out of the ordinary and possibly even out of the comfort zone of some, Elle’s floral pieces showed the amazing variation that can be used when creating Bridal bouquets.

Inspired by the outdoors and a recent bohemian style wedding, Elle created a beautiful botanical bouquet using tonnes of heavy, cascading and unstructured foliage with a small Hydrangea Bloom being the only flower! Our Bride, the beautiful Savannah, also donned a stunning foliage crown hand crafted with fresh, untamed foliage and all kinds of luscious greenery. Perfect woodland wedding vibes!

Here’s what Elle had to say:

“I absolutely loved working with Leigh for my styled shoot. I opted for a simple look with hair and makeup to fit with the simplicity of the shoot. 11 out of 10 to Leigh for the work she did, was better than I could have imagined! Lovely, welcoming person to speak with may I add! I had never done a styled shoot previously and working with Leigh and the other girls in the gang has pushed me to do more so, thank you so much!”

Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.
Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist MUBYLEIGH.


London-based designer Sigita of Jan Si Bridal designed and created our Bride’s free-flowing, halterneck gown

Sigita has had a fantastic career within the fashion industry and puts together the most amazing fashion and bridal collections, as well as offering a bespoke ‘one-off dress’ design service. Her designs are very unique and cover a wide range of styles and trends.


Despite the shoot being one of Savannah’s first modelling experiences, especially as a ‘Bride’, she was an absolute natural. Working alongside a “friendly and approachable group of girls” definitely helped her to feel confident throughout the shoot and to produce shots that looked extremely organic.

At 23 years old, Sheffield based Savannah has now worked with a number of professional photographers and is continuing to build her portfolio – especially as a glamour model. If you’re looking for a stunning and versatile model, I would highly recommend her.


Finally, we come to my favourite part – talking about hair and makeup! Throughout my blog posts, I am going to provide a detailed breakdown of the products used. I‘m also going to talk about some of my favourite products, especially when it comes to my brides, and I’ll be focusing on a different area in each post. First and foremost, the face base!


When it comes to my clients, I believe that the most important element of any makeup application is the base. This is especially so for any outdoor event, including your own woodland wedding where protection from the elements is key. Which brings me to my first product recommendation: for a flawless and glowing base, my absolute go-to brand is Charlotte Tilbury. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is one of my favourite foundations of all time. It is full coverage, feels lightweight on the skin, and suits all skin types. I have had so many clients go out and buy the foundation because they have loved it so much! For a less full coverage, Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Foundation is equally as brilliant. Paired with the Wonderglow Face Primer, both foundations create a flawless finish and leave the skin looking incredible.

Both foundations are perfectly set with literally a dusting of the fabulous Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder and, although I’m not a huge fan of the applicator, the formula of The Retoucher Concealer is also great. It’s perfect for spot touch-ups, dark circles and general highlighting.

The two foundations work well with both cream and powder contour, bronzers and blushers. They are long-lasting, easily applied and, as a tiny bit goes a long way, affordable. 


Base: MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ | NYX Cosmetics Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette | Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face PrimerMagic Foundation, The Retoucher Concealer & Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder | Kat Von D Beauty Setting Spray
Eyes: Lime Crime Venus Palette eye shadows in ‘Divine’, ‘Icon’ & ‘Aura’ | Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’ | Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara in ‘Jet Black’
Brows: NYX Cosmetics Control Freak Brow Gel | Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in ‘Strike’ & Gel Liner in ‘Infinity’ 
Define: Sleek Cosmetics Face Form Contouring Palette & Blush by 3 Palette blusher in ‘Chantilly’ | Anastasia Beverley Hills Sweets Glow Kit highlighter in ‘Butterscotch’ & ‘Marshmallow’
Lips: MAC Matte Lipstick in ‘Honey Love’ | Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Therapy


I wanted to create a hairstyle that would complement the sleek design of the dress and the relaxed vibe of the shoot. It was also important to me to allow the amazing foliage crown (an absolute must for any woodland bride) to really stand out.

To achieve a voluminous, tousled effect, I started by using the got2b Salt Spray (which has been a favourite of mine since a friend bought me my first bottle years ago). This product is fantastic for adding texture – I like to generously spray throughout the hair, before massaging the product in at the roots. I styled Savannah’s hair smooth and straight, using my GHD’s, before finishing off with a quick mist of the V05 Hairspray. This spray is great for adding some final texture and leaving a healthy shine.

Hair and makeup created by Yorkshire based, professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist mubyleigh.

Location: Newmillerdam Country Park
Photographer: Anna Beth Photography
Hair & Makeup: MUBYLEIGH – Hair & Makeup Artist
Florist: Elle Flowers
Jan Si Bridal
Model: Savannah Kerr

Thank you for reading ‘Woodland Bride’. I hope you enjoyed my first blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Closeup of woodland bride with long, tousled dark hair and lush, foliage flower crown. Flawless glowing skin by MUBYLEIGH - Hair & Makeup Artist.

I’m a North Durham-based professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist offering services throughout Durham, Tyne & Wear, and Northumberland. Planning your own wedding? I would love to hear from you – let’s have a chat!


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